is born in Germany and lives with her family in Bali since 2006. In Bali she is famous for her unique Fitness and Food solutions. She studied at the BA Health and Fitness Academy in Cologne 2003-2006 and has graduates as Fitness and Nutrition economist. Her specialises are outdoor training, body shaping, weight loss, rehabilitation training, lifestyle changes and nutrition planning. Healthy food and sport are her life and she has made it to her business to motivate people to improve their fitness and wellbeing for a better state of health and living.



Trainer Aldhy is originally from Indonesia and born on the small island of Alor – Pantar on the province Nusa Tenggara Timor and now is based in Bali. Since 2007 he has been working for several Club Med Resorts in Asia and being responsible for all kind of guest related service especially Sport & Fitness trainer. Aldhy is specialized in Tabata workouts, Water exercises and Personal Training. Aldhy training is hard but precise.

His motivation power has no limits and brings you further than you have ever believed. Aldhy has found his destiny and is happy to be able to combine his hobby with work. Surely you will enjoy every session.


Summer/SUMSKI hails from the USA, has lived in Australia and has now proudly been with Motion Fitness Bali since 2011! As a well studied, accomplished personal trainer and fitness instructor Summer is well known for her charismatic, unique sonic pounding fitness methodology. In the fitness bizz she’s been featured in magazines and even spotted on TV and now recently on YouTube. Her signature high paced style with fierce music mixes always amps up the soul’s drive to push harder. Famous for Triple Threat, Top Body and Hyper Shape- you’ve got to check out the magic that happens where this ‘power house’ trainer flourishes. As a personal trainer with a vast international and often high profile client list, Summer specialises in weight loss, pregnancy and post-pregnancy training, and for the eager fitness enthusiast.



Chichi is originally from Indonesia and was born in Jakarta, where she trained many individuals in private classes, and groups during the last years. Chichi has a lot of experience in aerobic and even became National Champion in 1996 for Aerobic as member of Reebok University. Now she is proudly certified BASI USA Pilates instructor.

Over time Chichi found Pilates to be a powerful tool for healing injuries, correcting posture and building self-confidence. Her goal is to help people move, breath, and feel better in order for them to live a life that they love. She is a passionate believer in the healing abilities of Pilates and is dedicated to helping others stabilize and align their bodies so they may live free from pain!


Originally from Croatia, Iris has lived in Sweden since she was 4 years old. Iris has studied sports science at Mittuniversity in Sweden where she also got her academic personal training certificate.

She is specialized in strength training, HITT Training (high intensity training) and sports performance training. She has always loved sports and has been competing in swimming, basketball and Waterpolo herself, but as well developed training plans for elite athletes who focused on performance enhancement. During her studies she as well gained degrees in sports-psychology and sports-nutrition.

Besides fitness she loves meditation and believes that our mind is everything we need to achieve anything and to create our own reality.



Originally from the small and beautiful island of Bokan-Pulau Melis in West Sulawesi, Petrus has been living in Bali since 2007. Fitness is much more than a job for Petrus, it is a true passion and devotion that has grown over many hours & years of sweat, dedication and commitment of pushing himself to become stronger and fitter.

He is a certified personal trainer from Inprofits Jakarta with qualifications in personal training, functional training, roller grid techniques, TRX & Bosu.

Petrus is also an amateur pyshique competitor in the mes beach & athletic division, where he has competed all over Indonesia & Singapore. Come train with him and realise your full potential. Have fun and get results.


Noko has always been fascinated by the human body’s ability to move since he was a kid. But since he started to practice Capoeira in 2000, his journey in a movement’s world really made a deep impact on his life and others who shared the same passion with him.

Through his Movement Class he wishes to share his FUN and FLOWing way to get FIT with you.



Tarina is originally from Melbourne, Australia and now living the island life here in Bali. Coming from a professional training background of over 20 years her training & teachings have always emphasized the importance of Yoga & stretching. Tarina operated her Melbourne Studio for 12years, which was a spiritual practice of Yoga, meditation, fitness, angel readings & NLP.
Over the years she has witnessed the change & shape in people’s life’s that have dedicated themselves, to practicing this transformational ancient movement & connection of breath called Yoga. Her deep love comes from her “own personal growth of knowing Yoga is a personal journey” she comments; it’s your life, keep doing the things that bring you greater love, greater peace & greater joy! You will not just be “doing” Yoga in her classes, but rather delving into connecting with your breath, your heart space & your power.

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