What’s UP Motion lovas! Today I’m speaking my gospel about diet and what I find important.


As a general rule I don’t believe in diets fads but rather the discipline of eating correct daily. Processed foods, foods with preservatives, low-fat foods, soy, even gluten-free foods are essentially foreign invaders in the body and lead to cravings, bloating, immune problems, obesity and are ultimately nutritionally null and void. You gotta ask yourself, is this healing me, hurting me or just merely filling me up? Am I going to be superwoman after ingesting it or a super-sloth with my head in the fog?

I have learned on my journey that real fats are friend not foe- and you need them to activate proper brain function, digestion, elimination and vitamin absorption. As a simple to remember game changer principle, I believe in having NO SUGAR / NO DAIRY / NO YEAST after 3pm to have a healthy weight, mind and body. Additionally, you should not go to bed feeling hungry but rather grab a small smart protein option right before bedtime to keep your metabolism burning fat all night. I recommend eating fruits and veggies whole vs juicing, smoothies or smoothie bowls. I believe in eating one type of fruit on its own and not mixing various fruits together at the same time, and give a fruit a minimum of an hour to digest. As well, with deadly glyphosates ever present in over 1600 food products across the globe, I peel all fruits because these days there is simply no guarantee they are safe unless you are growing your own garden without the harmful sprays.


A huge tip you won’t regret is to dive deep into educating yourself about nanotechnology and glyphosates in your food. Even if you think you already know the damage they are doing, trust me there is always more you can learn. Ignorance is not bliss regarding this topic and not knowing how to prepare foods, or which ones are no longer safe can surely be deadly. Sadly these days, we must navigate terrain that’s not just about counting carbs, fats and calories to live as beautiful thriving beings! The war on our food and water is real.


The 411 on water intake is to approach it like you are dosing yourself. Proper hydration happens when we drink our daily determined standard (whether 1.5 to 3 liters) in organized segments vs guzzling it down quickly. Have an 8oz glass of water slowly over the period of an hour so your body can absorb it correctly and not just eliminate it if you drink it down in one go. As well, the key is to squeeze a couple of slices of lemon or lime into your water, or add a small pinch of Himalayan sea salt such that you alter the water molecule for proper absorption. If you drink regular water plain you will not hydrate properly and your cells need abundant water to be happy. Avoid the brand Aqua, and the other cheap ones which are high in metals, instead buy Balian water. Lastly, and not least, remember to alkalize your body which prevents sickness, disease and parasites by squeezing lemon or lime in your water and letting it sit for a minimum of four hours before ingesting. Do these protocols faithfully and you’ll notice a massive change in your energy, vibrancy, mental focus and skin!


Stay moving and pumping that fist into the air for life! My recommendation is minimum workout one hour a day 6 days a week. Rotate developing your muscles, cardio vascular system and flexibility. Any less time spent than this and you are cheating yourself and your longevity. Also, be mindfull during your workouts where you actually think about the muscle groups you work on! Send specific power to the biceps if it is arms you are sculpting. Focused workouts where you concentrate on what you are doing get better results and fewer injuries.


It’s vital to get real sunshine every day. You absolutely cannot get in a bottle what the sun gives you in Vitamin D which is essential to immune function and good mood vibes. Get 15-20 minutes directs sunlight on your frontside and 20 minutes on your backside daily. Also, allow your eyes to receive the UV sunrays by taking your sunglasses off while you are outside for 20 to 30 minutes. We are like plants, or batteries, however you want to liken it, hence we need to get charged up before we can kick ass!


Thanks for your time and my wish is that these tips will help you elevate to the next level. May the force be with you, always.

xx Summer



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