You might have seen her teaching group classes at Motion Fitness, but let’s get to know her better..

Mumma of 3 children, with a soul purpose to inspire her kids and the people around her to live life to the fullest. Tarina has found her inner happiness and learnt to follow her intuition and heart & do wish this for all other beings.

On a personal level, Tarina needs a mix of training from Yoga, Motion classes, gym & beach walks. Her Mind & Spirit needs daily time out to meditate & connect with source.

She doesn’t deprive herself of anything and enjoy eating real cacao chocolate & sourdough bread on a daily basis. In saying that Tarina can not live without cold pressed green juice & vegetables! She has not eaten red meat in over 10yrs and doing her best to avoid consuming animal products.

How an average day of food looks like for Tarina;

  • Apple cider vinegar and hot water upon awakening.
  • Taking all supplements eg. probiotic, glucosamine, glutamine, Vit B12, Vit C.
  • An almond milk cappuccino or plant based coffee protein shake.
  • Lunch; massive mixed salad with sourdough on side.
  • Dinner; veggies, Quinoa, salad and maybe hot chips.
  • Every night: Cacao!
  • Lots of good quality drinking water through out the day.

Keeping herself in a positive high vibe is essential- and that means only surrounding herself with people and places that she resonate with, otherwise she is a very happy introvert devoting her energy and time with her little one.

Tarina’s advice; LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself. Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself and your life to other people.