Nutrition Consultation

Our Nutrition consultations are focused on improving healthier eating habits and general fitness. Your 1 on 1 appointment with our certified nutritionists will involve an initial dietary analysis and food diary exercise to provide useful guidance of healthy eating, lifestyle balance and exercise prescription.

With our personalized support and guidance you will achieve a balanced and energizing diet on long term, because we want to create healthy habits, not restrictions.

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Meal Plans

The best solution for an overall healthy body is the combination of fitness and nutrition. With our healthy food delivery service provided by Motion Café you will get the best nutrition for your active body. Choose your preferred diet, our weekly changing menu or even get a customized diet, personally tailored for you. All our dishes are rich in vitamins and minerals and balanced in their combination of ingredients. Fresh, organic, high quality food, easy delivered wherever you are.


Motion Cafe

Located in Canggu – Bali, at Motion Cafe you will find a huge variety of fresh and organic food. We serve you with fresh and homemade meals. All our flavours are real, from fresh herbs and spices. We are not adding MSG in any of our dishes. Our fruits and vegetables are washed with drinking water. Wherever possible we use organic products and Most of our suppliers come from local farmers as fresh as it can be.


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