Originally, Aldhy comes from the small island of Alor, Nusa Tenggara Timor in eastern Indonesia. Before coming to Bali, Aldhy spent the previous seven years working in Club Meds in various parts of Asia.  During that time, he was a lifeguard and facilitator for water sports. He also assisted guests with activities such as rock climbing, archery and even the flying trapeze! It is during that time that he perfected his personal training skills. Upon arriving in Bali, Aldhy teamed up with trainers at Motion Fitness where he has been since.

Aldhy considers cooking as one of his hobbies and passion. As a fitness instructor, he is very conscious of his food choices, making sure that his diet is mostly made up of basic fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables and proteins. His love for cooking has expanded into him opening up a small warung where he gets to prepare basic healthy foods for his customers to enjoy. In regards to his own fitness routine, Aldhy is a firm believer in using one’s own body weight to create resistance while exercising. He can be seen going through his fitness routine at home, at the beach or wherever he goes. He is also a great fan of any kind of music that encourages movement. His taste in music can be experienced in his workout sessions at Motion Fitness.

During his moments of relaxation, Aldhy enjoys spending time at the beach swimming.

His motto is along the lines of eat well, move and be happy!